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More and more people are keeping chickens in their gardens to benefit from fresh free range eggs.

Here at Seven Sisters Sawmills (Sheds) Ltd, we manufacture all our buildings to order.  This gives us the flexibility to manufacture a building that suits your specific needs.

If you have seen a specific style/design chicken shed elsewhere just bring us a photo and we can quote on manufacturing a building to the same design.

We have a range of chicken sheds on display in our undercover show site.

Some of the chicken sheds we have manufactured in the past:


4' x 3' Chicken Shed

This model with house 2 - 3 hens comfortably.  It has an integrated nest box and can be fitted with a shutter.


6' x 4' Chicken Shed

This model will house up to 10 hens.  The shutter has been placed on the side next to the nest box so a run can be added to the side.  Height approx 5' at front.


6' x 6' Chicken Shed

This model will house up to 12 hens, with integrated nest box.  This chicken shed has been made to full shed height for easy of cleaning and egg collection.  This model also includes a shutter for the hens to come in and out through and 2 perches.  This building can be seen at our show site.



8' x 5' Chicken House with Integrated Run

This chicken shed with run is ideal for those wanting to keep a few chickens in their back garden.  With built in nest box and perches, this house has everything you need for your chickens.  The floor of the house is made on hinges so the bottom can be dropped open for easy cleaning.  This hen house would house up to 4 hens comfortably.  The run is ideal to keep the hens in while your out and unable to keep an eye on then.  Then when at home you simply open door to the run and they can roam freely in the garden.  This model can be made to suit your individual size requirements.


Custom Design

This chicken shed was made to the customers requirements in order to meet the standards for keeping organic free range hens for egg sales.


If you cant see what you are looking for please CONTACT US











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