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With more and more people working from home the demand for a home office is increasing.  The need for more space can be solved by a custom built office.  We make all sizes and designs as required. 

We can build offices with our windows and doors or we can build the office around windows and doors supplied by the customer.

10' x 12' Pent Roof Office

This building was made around the window and door supplied by the customer.  Box Profile Sheets supplied by the customer were fitted to the roof.  We fully lined and insulated the walls and roof for added heat retention.


16' x 12'(4877mm x 3658mm) Custom Build

This gentleman wanted his office to be placed at the side of his house.  Therefore it was very important to the overall look that the pitch of the roof on the office was the same as the house.  He had specific requirements such as two doors and plenty of windows.  These were supplied by the customer and we build around them.  He has since completed the job by lining the internal walls with T&G and putting laminate flooring down as well as building all his shelving from timber. 


20' x 12' (6096mm x 3658mm) Home Office

This building has been fully lined and insulated for maximum heat retention.  The windows and door were supplied by the customer and the office built around them.  This building has a real slate roof which was fitted by the customer.  Although extra trusses were put into the building in order to support the additional weight of the slates.


18' x 10 + 3' Veranda (5486mm x 3048mm)

Once again the customer has supplied their own windows and doors and we have built the office around them.  This office has been fully lined with 9mm marine plywood for maximum heat retention.  All cladding and frame work is tantalised timber.  This office has been finished with Box Profile sheets on the roof for an additional charge.


16' x 10' + Veranda (4877mm x 3048mm)

This building is constructed from 19mm tantalized shiplap & tantalized 3 x 2.  Our standard summer house windows & double doors have been used on the front to give the summer house feel.  The roof has been finished with Box Profile Sheets at an additional charge.


24' x 12' plus Veranda

This building was manufactured to the customers design to be used as their office and workshop.  The customer purchased the windows, door and sheets and we fitted them.













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