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Here at Seven Sisters Sawmills (Sheds) Ltd we feel very strongly about child safety.  As a result all of our play houses have been thoroughly tested and have the CE approval.  In order to gain the CE approval a number of safety features were incorporated into the design, Such as:


Each Playhouse has a full length hinge and a small gap top and bottom of the door so children can not jam their fingers. 


The veranda banisters are evenly spaced and are close enough together so as even the youngest of children should not get stuck.


The pitch of the roof is at an angle so as not to encourage children to climb onto the roof.


The handles used ensure that children can not get locked in, as the door can be opened from both sides.


All windows have perspex as standard, meaning even if the football does hit them they will not shatter as glass would.


There are a number of other safety features included in the designs

Due to having CE approval on our playhouses we can not make them with upstairs as they are very dangerous as children can fall/be pushed from the top floor thus hurting themselves.  We were advised by the people carrying out the CE Approval not to manufacture them with upstairs and we have taken this advise on board.

There are a number of manufacturers who do not comply with some of the above safety features.  Check it out for yourself at


Marigold Cottage

This 6' x 4' playhouse is ideal for the smaller garden.  This playhouse can also be fitted with a 2' veranda making it 6' x 6' overall.


Please Note: All playhouses now have Georgian Style (cross) windows included as standard.


Snowdrop Cottage

This is one of our most popular sizes.  At 7' x 5' (2133mm x 1524mm) with a 2' (609mm) veranda making it 7' x 7' (2133mm x 2133mm) overall, this suits most gardens both big & small. 


Primrose Cottage

This is one of our most popular sizes.  At 8' x 6' (2400mm x 1800mm) with a 2' (609mm) veranda making it 8' x 8' (2400mm x 2400mm) overall.  This playhouse can also be made without the veranda



Alpine Cottage

This is 9' x 6'(2743mm x 1829mm) with a 2' (609mm) veranda making it 9' x 8' (2743mm x 2438mm) overall.  The Alpine Cottage was designed for older children as it is 6" higher in the apex than other playhouses. 


Cherry Blossom

This play house is 10' x 6' (3048mm x 1829mm) and has a garage/bike shed incorporated into the design.  It can be made with or without the veranda.

We can make playhouses with two front doors and a full division, effectively giving you two playhouses for the price of one.  We also make them with bedroom.

Please contact us for prices


The heights given below are approximate and do vary depending upon the size of the play house.

Internal External
Eves Centre Eves Centre
4'10" (1473mm) 5'9" (1752mm) 5'4" (1630mm) 6'3" (1905mm)

If you can not see the size or style you require, please Contact Us for a quote












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