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The most important part of base preparation is choosing the most suitable site in your garden for your new building.

You first need to consider what you want to use your new garden building for, as this may alter where you place the building in the garden.  Obviously the more level the garden is to start with, the less had work will have to be done later on.

Another consideration is with the ever increasing wet winters (and summers) if the ground in your chosen site gets boggy in the wet weather.  If this is the case extra precautions may be needed.

Before the delivery team arrive with your building you must ensure that you have a solid level base prepared ready for them.

There are two main ways that this can be done:


Concrete or paving slabs

This is the base that we recommend as it ensures that all of the building is supported. 

We recommend that you make the base 3" smaller than the overall size of the building.  This ensures that any water that falls off the roof does not gather and go back under the building.  It also helps to ensure that water does not bounce back up onto the sides of the building.

An example of the base size for an 8 x 6 shed would be    7'9" x 5'9".



Timber bearers or blocks

Once again we recommend that you make the base 3" smaller than the overall size of the building. 

Lay the bearers out one each end and then place the remaining bearers equally between.  You need to ensure that each bearer is level with the next, the best way to do this is with a spirit level.

If you plan on using blocks you need to use full runs in order to support the floor sufficiently.  One block in each corner is NOT sufficient.




If you are planning on using timber bearers or blocks as your base, please inform the office staff which way you have run them, so that the floor bearers can be constructed accordingly.



If when the delivery team arrive to deliver your building the base has not been prepared or is not to the required standards, the delivery team may be unable to install the building for you.  We will then have to arrange another installation date. 












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