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We can make the sheds any size and the dimension can be either way around to make either a narrow and long building or wide and short building.  We produce sheds with both Apex and Pent roofs.  The price is the same which ever roof you have.

Apex 1

This model has an apex roof and can be made any size, the doors and windows can be positioned to suit your garden.  This shed is 8' (2438mm) across the front (apex) and 6' ( 1829mm) deep.


Apex 2

The shed is 6' (1829mm) across the front (apex) and 8' (2438mm) deep with the windows placed on the side panel.



Pent 1

This model has a pent (sloping) roof and can be made to any size.  Doors and windows can be placed to suit your garden.


Pent 2

This pent model has both the door and window on the front of the shed.


Potting Shed

This model has a pent (sloping)  roof and a full perspex front, making it the ideal area for growing plants or simply relaxing in.  The door can be fitted at either end to suit your garden.  This model is a 9' x 7' (2743mm 2133mm).


8' x 12' Apex Shed with Double Doors

Made with Double Doors for easy access and double windows for plenty of natural light


14' x 8' Apex Shed

This building has been made 6" higher to accommodate the doors on the side panel.  Treated with Light Brown Oil Based Wood Preservative


6' x 4' Apex Shed with 2' Veranda.

To give the look of a Playhouse and a window low enough for a toddler to see out of we have put a Summer House window in the front.  Treated Red Cedar Oil based preservative


6' x 4' Shed + 2' veranda

This shed has a Wendy House window to give more of a cabin look.  Treated Red Cedar Oil based preservative


Large Pent Shed with Double Doors

Made with Double Doors for easy access and a double window on the front for plenty of natural light


5' x 2'6" Store Shed

This shed is ideal for fitting into small spaces to store small garden items such as gardening equipment, brushes etc.  This building is 5'6" high sloping to 5' meaning that it doesn't over power even the smallest of gardens.  This building can be made to suit your size requirements.


8' x 4' Bike Shed

Lower than a standard shed and with double doors this shed is ideal for bike storage


Please contact us for prices



All heights are approximate.


The internal and external heights on an apex building will vary depending on the size of the building, the heights below are based on an average 6' x 4' (1829mm x 1219mm),           7' x 5'(2133mm x 1524mm) shed.

Internal External
Eves Centre Eves Centre

5'10" (1778mm)

6'9" (2056mm)

6'4" (1930mm)

7'3" (2210mm)


On most pent sheds the fall on the roof is roughly 6", again this can vary.

Internal External
Highest Point Lowest Point Highest Point Lowest Point
6'6" (1981mm) 6'0" (1829mm) 7'0" (2133mm) 6'6" (1981mm)

If you can not see the size or style you require, please Contact Us for a quote











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