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With the introduction of the new foundation phase, with children needing more outdoor play and learning.  Here at Seven Sisters Sawmills (Sheds) Ltd we understand that you need to make the most of the space you have.  We can manufacture our sheds to suit your needs. 

Below are some examples of buildings we have made for primary schools recently:


16' x 12' with & without veranda

These buildings have plenty of natural light with big windows on the front and down the sides making them ideal for children's use outside the classroom.  This building can be made to suit your school yard and the space you have available.


10' x 12' plus 3' Veranda

Purchased by a local primary school, this building has been made with a large number of windows to give plenty of natural light for the children to play by.


Covered Deck Area

T3m x 1m decked area with roof, with half moon deck at the front.  Ideal for dancing on during break times.  This building is going to have a blackboard along the back wall for the younger children in the school.


All the outdoor learning and play means more toys are required which means you need extra storage space. 

8' x 6' Pent Shed.

This model has been very popular with primary schools as it allows plenty of storage space without taking up to much of the play ground.


5' x 2'6" Store Shed

This shed is ideal for fitting into small spaces to store small play equipment such as bats and balls.  This building is 5'6" high sloping to 5' meaning that it isn't overpowering.  This building can be made to suit your size requirements.



Visit our  sheds page for further ideas on the sheds we manufacture. 


Playhouses make the ideal place for he children to play, plus they can be used as a storage pace whilst not in use.

Marigold Cottage (6'x4')

Recently we have delivered and erected a marigold cottage to a local primary school who were going to use it as a bird observation hut.  An ideal way to teach pupils about wildlife.

Visit our Playhouses page for further ideas on the playhouses we manufacture.


If you are unable to see a building that suits your needs, please CONTACT US to a price.











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